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Our Journey

CrossFit Honor | Our Journey

It is hard to believe that CrossFit Honor is now a reality! For the past 18 months, we have been working towards our goal of opening a family oriented, CrossFit training facility. There have been many ups and downs along the road but in the end our dream has been realized and we couldn't be happier!

We wanted to create a training facility that is a second home to our members and our family. A place where you can escape from all the pressures of your day and come to a place that will support you and cheer you on as you concentrate on achieving your fitness and health goals. We have trained Grandparents who want to be healthier and more physically fit so they can enjoy their golden years. We have trained athletes who want to gain a competitive edge in both physical ability and mental toughness. We have trained Special Candidates whose passion in life is to defend our country and freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis. We have trained First Responders who need to ensure their physical fitness is outstanding as they run into danger while everyone else runs away from the danger. We have trained men and women who have woken up one day after 5 years and looked in the mirror and wondered, "who is that person and what happened to the old me?" All of these people share a common bond; they want to improve themselves.

It doesn't matter if you can do 1 push up or 1,000 push ups. As long as you show up and give everything you have, to the best of your ability, you will achieve your goals. Will you be tired and sore afterwards, YES! Will you be looking forward to the next class so you can do it all over again, YES! Most importantly, will you have fun doing it and see results in achieving your goals, YES!

Our training facility is like no other in the Lehigh Valley. We have a beautiful 9,000 square foot facility that is loaded with barbells, bumpers, kettle bells, sand bags, medicine balls, rings, dog sleds, jump ropes, rowers, dumb bells, climbing ropes, fitness ropes, fitness boxes, and a 24 foot long Rogue Fitness Infinity Rig for pull up stations and gymnastic movements. Our work outs are "constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements". Every training session will be different from the previous one. Okay, I lied, you will probably always have to do burpees in some shape or form. Why? Because they suck and our Coaches love them!

Speaking of our Coaches...they are awesome! They will educate you, encourage you, push you, and help you in every way possible to achieve your goals. All of our coaches have extensive background in the fitness industry and we are so lucky to have them as part of the CrossFit Honor family.

We look forward to training with you at CrossFit Honor. We promise to give you all the education, tools and motivation necessary to achieve your goals. You will love training here and you will become part of an incredible, supportive community.

WELCOME to CrossFit Honor